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Housed in a 32 reusable tray the size of a Bio-pot supplied, it replaces the traditional 75mm forestry tube.

The Bio-Pot successfully increases foliage growth and can be used as an alternative to 140mm pots.

Presented in a 32-slot reusable tray, our Bio-Pot is designed to replace the conventional 75mm forestry tube effectively. Beyond enhancing foliage growth and serving as a viable substitute for 140mm pots, the Bio-Pot can be directly planted into the landscape or used for upsizing into larger pot formats. As our Bio-Pot naturally decomposes, concerns about transplant shock or plastic waste are eliminated.   



Our re-useable plug trays house 288 plant cells. These are perfect for nursery production.

Our Germination chamber allows us to produce more stock and faster germination for your production needs.


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